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Featherwood Publishing Company opened its doors in the winter of 2008 in South Jordan, Utah. Featherwood Publishing is a small company, offering a small number of fine books each year. Like the Independent Film Industry, Independent Publishing is traveling down the same road... bringing fresh, new work directly to the public to taste and enjoy. At Featherwood, we eliminate the middle-man, so you can reap the savings and help promote new talent.

Our authors are independently published and have a variety of books... fiction, non-fiction, cookbooks, children's books, poetry books and others. Books are offered as paperbacks, hardbacks, e-books and we also have two movie scripts.

Most of our books are first editions... and autographed copies can be requested with your mailed-in order.
Who knows which future famous authors lurk within our libraries? Be the first to know the works of these new talents and secure your autographs today, before they can no longer be had. Imagine if you had an original, autographed, first edition of Michael Crichton or Steven King. What would that be worth today?

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Books are listed in alphabetical order.
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image of 4WD Trivia Book

4WD Trivia Book is an absolute treasure on everything Jeep . It's also a collection of questions and answers about little known facts concerning the history and operations of other four wheel drive, off road utility and recreational vehicles. A true reference source for four wheel drive recreational enthusiasts. This is a big, full color 8 1/2" x 11" book, spiral bound for easy opening and a dust jacket for when you take it "on the road".

Order your copy today... and be the "life of the party" at your next 4WD gathering.
Listen to an interview with the author Ed Helmick, at Blogtalkradio .

4WD Trivia Tales is a fun follow-up book with 27 short stories and 1 long story about the history of four wheeling and the vehicles that take you there.

Order yours today!

image of ABC Monsters! book-link to website In ABC Monsters!!!
The A Is For AAAAAAHH!!! The Z Is For Zither...
The ABC Monsters is an awesome adventure through the Alphabet for kids ages 3 and up! Each monster represents a letter and comes with a clever poem to tell its story. The monsters are everything from: fun, cute, ugly, big, small, friendly, scary, sweet, or just plain silly. The book shows how monsters can be found everywhere: downtown, in the forest or the mountains, at a carnival, in spooky castles, on tropical islands, under your bed, or even on the moon! From the AAAAAAHH!!! alien to the Zither dragon, the ABC Monsters are great for kids who want to learn about the Alphabet, like to read silly poems, and even those who can't read yet, but just like colorful picture books about fun Monsters!

Click on the book cover to take you to the book's website.

Bumper Stickers!
One sticker promotes the Featherwood Publishing website. Other bumper stickers will educate others on how the "working man of America" came to have weekends off and how they elevated themselves into a "middle class".
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image of Constitutional Inequality book-link to website

Constitutional Inequality is an examination of the Electorial College. Does your vote count as much as someone else's? Why do voters in certain states have a louder voice than voters in other states? Robert Henline (guest of NPR news radio Nov.2008) explores why we needed the electorial college then and why we don't need it now. An indepth study on the pros and cons of our archaic system of voting. Informative and controversial. See what all the talk's about. Visit his website now.

Featherwood Publishing's Best Seller in 2008
Listen to an interview with the author Robert Henline, at Blogtalkradio .

image of Dagne and Kittil Hanson-Strommen book-link to website

Dagne and Kittil Hanson-Strommen is an ancestral journey into the lives of Dagne and Kittil Hanson and their eleven children, with ancestors dating back to the year 860 AD, ending with Harold Fairhair, first King of Norway.
Discover the history of Norway and learn more about the exciting Viking Age.

Visit her website now.
Listen to an interview with the author Lorraine Robinson, at Blogtalkradio .

image of Dereliction of Duty book-link to website

Dereliction of Duty , a new suspense thriller by first time author Jon Renaud, introduces readers to Army CID Agent Thomas Fox and brings them into the secretive world of the Army Criminal Investigation Division. Follow Agent Fox as he is recruited into the new CID Counter Terrorism Task Force and hits the streets of Baghdad in search of a Radical Cleric who tried to assassinate the Secretary of Defense.
Author Jon Renaud is a retired US Army Special Agent who served 20 years with the US Army CID.

Published through the Foxx Group.

image of Descendent book-link to website
On modern Earth magic has been hidden from humanity. When Rebecca Bray begins to use magic, an alien race planning to invade Earth sends an assassin to kill her, as her awakened abilities are a threat to their plans.
Descendent is available in both digital format and soft cover book.

Click on book cover to visit Descendent website.
image of A Dozen Poems book-link to website
In the book A Dozen Poems, there are twelve poems dealing with many of life's moments, from a new love... to a love lost, from a childhood lesson... to a dying man's lesson. Some poems are serious, others humerous. There is even an award winning poem about the creation of the U.S. Constitution.
It's a mix of poetry to ponder and enjoy. Available in e-book formatting.

Click on book cover to visit A Dozen Poems website.
image of Escaping Oz book

After what seemed like a bad dream, the country woke up to find themselves in the Financial Land of Oz. The housing market cratered, stocks fell, and once venerable financial institutions were on life support. The economy struggled. The Wizards provided massive fiscal and monetary intervention.
The economy recovered, but not for everyone. The social fabric began to tear. The dominant theme of the next decade will be the intersection of politics and economics. Economies naturally experience cyclic behavior though our financial system exacerbates the effect. A healthy economy and societal accord go hand in hand. We need to understand how we got here and how we will emerge.
The economy and our social fabric can recover, though our journey will require us to take a road we have traveled before but one we long ago forgot. Reliance on the Wizards will only make our country’s journey more painful. Ultimately, we have to trust ourselves. Once we pull back the curtain, we will realize we can get back home without the Wizard’s help.
This book could be the most important publication you'll read in the next few years. Order yours today by visiting their website. Published through The Sentinel.
Listen to an interview with the author Jim Mosquera at Blogtalkradio.

image of Existence, The Doppelgangers book

James Yorkly is a young man of only nineteen, living homeless and orphaned in the streets of Salt Lake City. One night while traveling the back streets, James encounters a man and his living shadow! This encounter sends James on an adventure into a strange, new world. The world of the Doppelgangers. James learns of the ancient nation of men known as the Doppelgangers, who are now entrapped inside the shadows of Mankind as well as their own minds. The Doppelgangers were brainwashed and than trapped by a nation of men known as the Overseers, and they are not too happy that the Doppelgangers are beginning to awaken. Will James be able to help the Doppelgangers before the Overseers lay waste to their very existence?

Read... Existence, The Doppelgangers by Will Midget.

image of The Fisherman and The Merchant book

The Fisherman and the Merchant is a story about a content fisherman that gets lectured by a wealthy merchant. "Success," the merchant tells him, "is all that matters in life." But how do you know when you've actually achieved it? This is a lesson in understanding what life's true successes are all about. Success doesn't have anything to do with money or power, but it has everything to do with what you feel inside. That's what really matters. This is a favorite folktale retold.
Available in e-book formatting.

Click on book cover to see The Fisherman and the Merchant.
image of Glancing Back Into My Rear View Mirror book

Glancing Back Into My Rear View Mirror is the autobiography of George W. Roper. This is a very limited edition put out for family members, friends and anyone else interested in Salt Lake history between 1918 and 2000. An ordinary man with an extraordinary life.

image of How To Build A Beautiful Concrete Gazebo book-link to website
How To Make A Beautiful Concrete Gazebo Pad is a "How To" story. As a woman, I often come up with projects I would like to see finished. Sometimes my husband either doesn't see the need, or is just too busy to accommodate me. That is when I learned I can do many things myself. This project, making a beautiful concrete gazebo pad, is one such project.
Come along with me as I tell you how I accomplished this project. Hopefully, you'll feel inspired to take on similar projects yourself.
Available only in e-book formatting.

Click on the book cover How To Create A Beautiful Concrete Gazebo Pad to see this book's website.

image of La Immigrata book-link to website image of La Immigrata book-link to website

La Immigrata- Books One and Two is a fictional work about an immigrant woman coming to America in the early 1900s. It details her journey across the Atlantic, the time she spent at Ellis Island and the 3 day train trip to Utah. The story continues through her life. Discover what an individual had to risk coming into this new country... this land they call America.

Buy the two book paperback set for the low price of only $40.00.
Also available in digital formatting.

Listen to an interview with the author Anna Florin at Blogtalkradio.

image of Living On A Shoestring book-link to website

Living On A Shoestring details many different ways one can save money. Practical, common sense applications that can help anyone plan ahead for those unforeseen financial shortfalls. Written by someone who has lived through layoffs and has learned the hard way how to make a dollar stretch. All suggestions have been tested and proven to work. No fluff! Only serious ideas for this serious matter.

It's available today for only $6.95. Click on picture to visit their website now.
Attention... read it for only .99 as an e-book. Get it today!

Listen to an interview with the author Anna Florin at Blogtalkradio.

image of <i> Mr.Wong and the Goddess of Love</i> book- link to website Mister Wong and the Goddess of Love is a short story about Mister Wong, the richest man on Earth, having a big problem: to find true love. Despite his fortune, he is unlucky to find true love because girls date him to get his money rather than to really love him for his personality. He decides with despair to capture the Goddess of Love in order to be lucky in love, without thinking that his actions will be disastrous for the whole world."

Also available as an e-book in Chinese.

Order yours today by visiting their website. Just click on the bookcover.

image of My Walk Thru Heaven book-link to website

My Walk Thru Heaven is an inspiring true story of tragedy, triumph and spiritual awakening. It is a story of a young LDS, single mother's valiant fight against cancer. Losing the battle, she finds herself taking an incredible journey through the portals of death and beyond. Her mission not yet complete, she returns to share the messages she was given. A powerful book of love and forgiveness.

This book will touch your heart and inspire your soul. Order yours today by visiting her website.

image of Notes From The Domestic Underground book-link to website

Notes From The Domestic Underground by Carol Frey...
“The world is, indeed, a dangerous place. Hearts get broken. Entire governments tumble. The Atom Bomb lurks. The lint-catcher in the dryer catches on fire. A toilet explodes.

Carol Frey knows this world from down in the trenches, from the realest places there are: the kitchen floor with a filthy rag in her hand, the dinner table across from a glaring husband, the car full of screaming kids. It’s perilous territory, this “domestic underground,” and those trailblazers who’ve come before “Mama Bear” (Frey’s nom-de-plume and alter ego) are no lot of shrinking violets—Erma Bombeck (whose The Grass is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank is the genre’s Bible), “Domestic Goddess” Roseanne Barr, Anne Taintor and her brilliant housewives-from-hell postcards, Phyllis Diller…the list goes on. Badass women all, they’ve been there, and lived to tell the dirty tale—laughing to keep from crying.

There’s truth in every page here--and wit, and intelligence, and a big dose of common sense. Frey’s “Mama Bear” has the kind of cherished perspective—truth-telling yet subtly sophisticated—that makes the world seem right, and places the really important things—family, friends, shoes, and cats—on the pedestals they deserve.” - Christine Ohlman, the Beehive Queen

Order your copy today by visiting her website. Simply click on her bookcover.

image of Oat Soup and Turnips book-link to website

Oat Soup and Turnips, A Story of Survival is a factual story of a young girl, Dita Franklin, who grew up in the Polish Corridor of Europe in the 1930s. Her story describes the survival strategies employed by her family members in the years preceding and during WWII. The story is filled with human strength and courage, with moments of brilliance and sheer luck.

Buy your copy today by visiting her website. Just click on the book.

image of People In The Curtains book-link to website image of Life Returned book-link to website

People In The Curtains is a fictional novel of a young boy who sees more than just textures and patterns. He has the ability to see deeper into his everyday surroundings, revealing more than he wants to see. Is it just his imagination or is something really there? This is also an exciting detective story that uses the boy's new abilities to help solve a crime.

Click picture to visit their website now. Order a paperback today for only $13.00 or buy one digitally.
Finalist in IBA's 2010 Book Awards... Young Adult Fiction.

Listen to an interview with the author M.T. Graves at Blogtalkradio.

Book Two Life Returned is a continuation of Aaron's adventures as he enters junior high school. He meets a fascinating young spirit, discovering she's not like any other girl he's ever met. She needs something from Aaron... something only he can offer her.
This book is available today in paperback or digital formatting.

image of The Pompous Porpoise book-link to website

The Pompous Porpoise is a children's book, filled with lots of drawings and colors, teaching the lesson of acceptance. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone learned to accept people for who they are.

Order yours today by visiting their website. Available now in digital formatting only.
Listen to an interview with the author Peggy Clark, at BlogTalkRadio .

image of Prescriptions of a Poet book-link to website

Prescriptions of a Poet is a collection of poetry that takes the reader on a journey through the heart’s experiences. To experience life is to experience all that comes with it, the balance of occurrence and lesson learned. Broken up into sections called case studies L. C. Arrington’s poetry tells a story of love lost and found, friends old and new and the definition of self; in a contemporary, honest, romantic, edgy, genuine and relatable way. The importance of love and life is evident in every word. Prescriptions of a Poet: Remedies of the Heart was written to stir the soul, evoke emotions and provide inspiration amidst the ups and downs that life may bring. The poetry is the process; the prescription is the remedy of the heart.
Visit their website today by clicking on the book cover.
image of Seasons book-link to website

Seasons is a fine collection of poetry for our modern society. It speaks to the reader in a way that is seldom seen today. This offering chronicles the journey from youth, through adolescence, to adulthood.
Visit their website now to order a copy for yourself.

Listen to an interview with the author James Blackhurst, at BlogTalkRadio
Published by Black Douglas Publishing

image of Secrets of the Last Born book-link to website

Secret of the Last Born
Something was mysterious about the new girl. She was different, and Alex couldn’t figure out what it was until he followed her home. Then everything changed.
Could the folklore of Meadow Brook Falls be true? Could this red-haired, sweet beauty be more than just human? She certainly bewitched him. And when push comes to shove, Alex is ready to defend her to the death. Will the dark forest put an end to both their young lives? Will it be the beginning to a dark reign of terror no one can control? Or will it be the beginning of innocent romance, a new world of light?
Alex is running out of time to save his red-haired love. And little does he know – the world is running out of time, too. Visit this book's site today by clicking on the book's icon.

image of The Selfish Shellfish book-link to website

The Selfish Shellfish is a wonderful, colorful children's book teaching the lesson of sharing. Discover how everything would be a little nicer if we just learned how to share.

Visit the website now to order a digital copy for yourself.
Listen to an interview with the author Peggy Clark, at BlogTalkRadio

image of The Shoe, the Necklace and the Giant book-link to website

The Shoe, the Necklace and the Giant, by Samna Ghani, is a short adventure story about four friends and a bear. They all get in trouble with a Giant.
Children will love this short and sweet tale of four children who have a little adventure with a big bad giant. It has colorful illustrations, fast action and an interesting storyline. Parents can read it to their pre-schoolers, while school children will enjoy learning to read with this colorful short story.
Remember the days when children used to enjoy wonderful fairy tales like Cinderella, Snow-White and the Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty, Jack and the Beanstalk and so on. The Shoe, the Necklace and the Giant has been inspired by these same stories and provides the generation of today a chance to read the kind of books their parents have loved and adored for years. Read this book and you will find that not only will children love the story line, but parents will also have a feeling of deja-vu when reading it outloud to their little ones.

Visit his website now to purchase.

image of Son of Man book-link to website image of Elders of Zion book-link to smashword's website. Book is only offered in e-book form image of Son of Man 3 book, The Heylik-link to website

Imagine they find DNA tissue on the Shroud of Turin.
Imagine they find the same DNA tissue on the Holy Blood Altar in Rothenberg, Germany.
Imagine they set out to clone the Son of God.
Imagine they succeed...
Book One, The Son of Man,

Book Two, Elders of Zion... The story of the infant clone of Christ and his surrogate parents continue as they flee the long arm of 'The Vinces.' Rejoin them as they settle in a strange, lawless wilderness once known as The United States of America…
(This second book is offered in digital formatting and can be easily read online. It is also offered as an audio CD.)
Won Featherwood Publishing's Best Seller Award in 2010 & 2012.

Book Three- The Heylik... Revelation 11:1-14, speaks of two great prophets emerging on the world scene just prior to Christ’s return. They will wield spiritual powers unprecedented in human history. They will be able to alter the world geopolitically and astound the nations. The Bible calls them the two witnesses, the two olive trees, Joshua and Zerubbabel. The Son of Man will call them... The Heylik.
Available in digital formatting .
Featherwood Publishing's Best Seller of 2011.

A new novel set by C.W. Johnson

image of His Last Day On Earth Poem-link to website

A poem about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ set to the twelve stations of the cross.

The site also contains an autobiography and bumper-sticker area.

image of Tales of Tavilore book-link to website The Tales of Tavilore: Heather's Journey is a story of a young girl by the name of Heather. Heather grew up in a loving home with a mother who sang to her and a father who doted on her. Sounds pretty normal huh? She was even told stories, like our parents told us... fairy stories. But were the fairytales we were told real? Heather discovers that who she thinks she is, isn't who she really turns out to be. In fact the fairy tales she was told as a child were true stories. Her true stories. This new found knowledge hits her like a ton of bricks. She must now go and find who she really is, but will she stay true to who she knows she is? This is a story of bravery, humor, friendship and love. The Tales of Tavilore will capture your imagination...

Visit her website now to find The Tales of Tavilore: Heather's Journey

image of Troy Truck Explores Maui book-link to website Troy Truck Explores Maui is a wonderful, colorful children's book. Join Troy Truck, the solar powered and eco-friendly monster truck, as he explores the island of Maui. He sees incredible things and meets amazing animals on this great adventure. ‘Go Green’ is his motto.

Get a copy of yours today by visiting their website.

image of The Wine Guide- link to website 'The Wine Guides; Selection, Service & Sales' is written primarily for foodservice professionals who do not possess a working familiarity with wines; 'The Wine Guides' offers a 'crash course' of the various protocols involving the selection process, service nuances and sales-related aspects of wines in general and how it relates to their job performance, earnings and necessary skills.

Visit Chef Jack's website today and know how to serve an exceptional meal tomorrow.

image of The Working Chefs' Edition-link to website
The purpose of 'The Working Chefs’ Edition of Classic & Traditional Sauces, Relishes & Dressings is to serve as a reference guide to aid professional Chefs, cooks and students of the culinary arts, and to help improve or maintain their practical knowledge and skill levels.
It can also be considered an educational toolbox for persons wishing to learn these important cuisine agendas for home kitchen productions. With this recipe collection, Chef and culinary educator Jack Ferneley takes us on a cooks "tour de force" into quality restaurant and estate kitchens worldwide. The manuscript is offered up, liberally spiced with a sprinkling of culinary history and just a pinch of humor.

It is set in the PDF / eBook format to minimize publication costs and reduce the volume of the professional Chefs' physical reference library.

Visit Chef Jack's website today and begin enjoying a great meal tomorrow.

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